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  1. Let's bitch about.... Food Stamps!
  2. U.S. Military hits new low...
  3. on this memorial day I wanted to say something...
  4. Business as usual...
  5. Hurry to the polls before the queers turn your kids GAY!
  6. I'm going to pray for cooler weather...
  7. Hero of the Stupid!
  8. Conspiracy? or Bota?
  9. FEMA crap
  10. Interesting Pics of North Korea
  11. can you say Conspiracy Theory??
  12. I Love It
  13. Found another Video
  14. Which do you think is true?
  15. The Pendulum
  16. The Call of the Future
  17. Where did we go wrong?
  18. Mercinaries go where the money is...
  19. If a politician lies and there's no one there to hear him, is it really a lie?
  20. Thank God Bush is doing his Job
  21. On the subject of Lies
  22. Just to let you know WHY the Bush Admin is doing the right thing
  23. WTC squibs?
  24. We should pull out of Fresno...no...California!
  25. ya know.....
  26. Bull???? Bush
  27. Wusses
  28. Is airport security getting out of hand?
  29. The real reason we support Israel........
  30. Virgin Mary found!!!!!!!
  31. Humans are funny
  32. Ammo dilemma
  33. SO today.............
  34. N.Korea
  35. insane?
  36. Border security?
  37. Sentence of Reid
  38. god bless Sen. Kerry.
  39. part one of two.
  40. part two of two.
  41. Scholarships for white students
  42. And they say Michael Richards is bad...
  43. Peta
  44. Why We Worry About The Things We Shouldn't... ...And Ignore The Things We Should
  45. Not much of a debate.......
  46. Couldn't we save some money....
  47. We used to live in a Democracy
  48. Now I know why I don't live in the UK
  49. Gunmen in AZ
  50. About China.
  51. To what lengths
  52. This is what you get
  53. Is the welfare system broken?
  54. Flight 93 9/11
  55. Jesus H. Christ!
  56. The Disclosure Project
  57. National Debt
  58. Border Enforcement is working
  59. Iran vs WWW3
  60. French Foreign Legion
  61. Not really new, but new to me...
  62. Almost funny
  63. Gun control issues
  64. Nwo
  65. Gun Free Zones (CNN)
  66. Paranoid question.
  67. Detailed map of the middle east
  68. Why is it wrong
  69. The Great Global Warming Swindle
  70. TB anyone?
  71. Yes, the NWO has begun.........
  72. Pentagon Gay bomb?
  73. Atten. Midwest readers!
  74. Ted Nugent speaks on.....
  75. Attack on Islam?
  76. Chemtrails
  77. Consoles killing PC game innovation?
  78. Well
  79. Believe it or not.........
  80. Real or fake?
  81. Well
  82. Mrs. Clinton in office again
  83. I want to meet the owner of this place
  84. Great vid
  85. Who thinks we're in trouble?
  86. I've seen it all now...
  87. Peace at what price?
  88. Lost Civilizations
  89. More 9/11 Questions...............
  90. Ann Coulter is a....
  91. Private Military Companies?
  92. Democratic Pres. Nominee
  93. Health Care?
  94. Red vs. Blue?
  95. Hillary Clinton is a dumb, lying, hypocritical piece of filth.
  96. Fires vs. Floods
  97. Who is Peter Paul?
  98. My Nobel Moment
  99. Well we "got" it again..... Anybody else worried yet?
  100. Alt fuel sources...
  101. See what I have to put up with?
  102. Well they almost had me
  103. I want my blue skys back!
  104. Eliot Spitzer and the rest.
  105. More demands from Islam
  106. FITNA - Watch it before they scare Youtube
  107. Gore Confronted On Global Warming Hysteria
  108. Global warming *IMO*
  109. Gas prices can eat a penis.
  110. Bye-bye Flat-rate cable....
  111. Iran: Kingdom of the Photoshop
  112. Alaska oil drilling....
  113. Edwards story buried?
  114. Wake up and smell the coffee
  115. Law prof and cop agree...
  116. Sex & Violence in Video Games
  117. Call Of Duty : World at war
  118. Serious Debaters only.....
  119. Russia invades Georgia
  120. I'm a retard with unsolicited advertising!
  121. McCain's Choice?
  122. So here we go
  123. eh?
  124. Watch.
  125. Religulous
  126. But that's unpossible!
  127. Holy Crap
  128. Biden Predicts Crisis in next 6 months
  129. Save the sea kittens!
  130. If you saw one presidential debate
  131. Is used DVD/Music/Game sales piracy?
  132. Bonus
  133. What do you guys feel about the economy?
  134. A riot pool maybe?
  135. Nuclear Power
  136. Nafta!!! Woot!!!
  137. Ballots
  138. WTF 25 billion to Citibank!?!?!?
  139. If you could write an ammendment
  140. I have an idea for Guantanamo
  141. Its getting real now
  142. Interesting Info on Oil Prices
  143. Alright.... I have got to say it.
  144. The short, simple truth
  145. If your a geek like me
  146. War is..........hell?
  147. Gay or not gay?
  148. 12 Million new Americans....WTF!!!
  149. Ammo drying up???
  150. If you think the police and fire dept. are racist
  151. Study: Most Liberal States Are Least Free
  152. A "Wall Mart" Hummer?
  153. Scalia breaks ranks, slams Bush officials on bank regulation
  154. Thank you, "Stimulus"
  155. Whitey did it
  156. Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder
  157. The Family
  158. How about this for breakfast
  159. Gov't Healthcare Highlights
  160. Make Fun of Fox All you Want....
  161. Autism: The new asshole?
  162. Secrets of Alleged Oil Price Manipulation Exposed
  163. Editorial A Threat to Fair Elections
  164. Ok who watched the speech and what do you think .
  165. Young Flag Burner gets his just deserts
  166. Church trashes Marines funeral
  167. Whats the Difference ?
  168. The Danger of Universal Health Care
  169. Sweeping health bill passes Senate panel
  170. New Pot Policy
  171. Obama to Reinstate ban on assault rifles.
  172. Your "Stimulus" at work.....?
  173. Feds accuse Intel of stifling competition
  174. Senate passes historic health care legislation
  175. California Seeking Federal Bailout
  176. Well California might be doing what they have to do , to get out of Debt
  177. Y chromosome not stagnating, men not idiots.
  178. Ah... Children...
  179. Health Care in America...
  180. Arizona Immigration Law (SB1070)
  181. Dale Peterson, would you vote for him?
  182. Is the War on Drugs Over?
  183. Which Game?
  184. Blizzard Requires Real Name For Forums
  185. BART Cop Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter
  186. Obama - Not Quite the Chicago Tough-Guy
  187. Fidel Castro says Cuban model no longer works
  188. No One Plays Shooters On PC Anymore
  189. Missiles and madness.
  190. Possible?
  191. She should be shot...
  192. Wonder how he can stand there and watch
  193. So if the Government shuts down...
  194. SC loses out on 1249 jobs with Amazon tax issues
  195. Wow, a moment of clairity for a 19-member commission
  196. Federal judge issues ruling on AL immigration law
  197. Why Americans won't do dirty jobs
  198. Uprisings Around the world
  199. Murdered in Public - No Arrests Made
  200. 0 / 4
  201. $675,000 for 30 songs is fair?
  202. isidewith.com
  203. I support Romney running for...
  204. I'm sure we are all sick of the whole Mohammed "movie trailer" crap
  205. fact check for you Romney fanboi's...apparently this guy likes to lie and embelish
  206. Hidden camera in Mormon temple
  207. Ok we got Pot Legal time for the Hookers!!!!!
  208. National Parks, and you.
  209. Way to go President Obama!!! Lets kill us some kids!!!
  210. 3 days into the conflict Obama FINALLY defends American allies....
  211. Ndaa
  212. Breaking The Taboo - Film
  213. So , Ancient Aliens
  214. NYC To Ban "Oversized" Sugary Drinks In Restraunts
  215. Minimum wage increases?
  216. This summarizes everything
  217. Our Founding Fathers Prayed??? Seperation of Church and state to Protect the Church!?
  218. So should the AP really be mad???
  219. Hope the NRA wins in New York...
  220. Nearly Arrested Sunday.
  221. Adam ,this thrusday night on CNN @ 9pm eastern time.
  222. Wow
  223. Drones
  224. If you come to my state Just be Aware of............